IcoSem 2023

Iconicity Seminar 2023

IcoSem 2023 will be held online on 25 November 2023 from GMT 7:00am to GMT 7:00pm.

This is equivalent to:

City From To
Vancouver 24 Nov 11:00pm 25 Nov 11:00am
Sao Paulo 25 Nov 4:00am 25 Nov 4:00pm
Johannesburg 25 Nov 9:00am 25 Nov 9:00pm
New Delhi 25 Nov 12:30pm 26 Nov 00:30am
Tokyo 25 Nov 4:00pm 26 Nov 4:00am

This long time frame will allow participants all over the world in different time zones to participate in whichever time slot(s) they are available in.

The main language of the conference will be English, spoken and written with live transcription. Those wishing to present in a sign language are welcome do so, in which case English subtitles shall be provided.

Call for papers

We call for papers for 30-minute presentations (20min presentation + 10min Q&A) dealing with any aspect of linguistic iconicity, such as:

Please send a 2-page abstract (including everything) in the following format:

Please send your anonymized abstract to ian_joo@nucba.ac.jp. Your anonymous abstract will then be reviewed by two anonymous reviewers.

The deadline is September 30. Decisions will be communicated to you on a rolling basis within two weeks after submission.

There is no participation fee.

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